Announcing the Lucien Stryk Award Shortlist!

Stryk CollageThe American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) is delighted to announce the 5-title shortlist for the 2015 Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize. The award-winning book and translator for 2015 will be announced on October 28th at the 38th annual conference of the American Literary Translators Association in Tucson, AZ and receive a $5,000 award. Information on the conference is available online:

The Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize recognizes the importance of Asian translation for international literature and promotes the translation of Asian works into English. Lucien Stryk was an internationally acclaimed translator of Japanese and Chinese Zen poetry, renowned Zen poet himself, and former professor of English at Northern Illinois University.

We’ll be featuring short blurbs on these titles on the ALTA blog:

The 2015 Lucien Stryk Award Shortlist (in alphabetical order by title):

Cat-Town_1024x1024Cat Town
by Sakutaro Hagiwara (Japan)
Translated from the Japanese by Hiroaki Sato
(New York Review Books)

KALIDASA_FOR_THE_21ST_CENTURY_READERKalidasa for the 21st Century Reader
Translated from the Sanskrit by Mani Rao
(Aleph Book Company)

by Hsia Yu (China)
Translated from the Chinese by Steve Bradbury
(Zephyr Press)

Something Crosses My MindSomething Crosses My Mind
by Wang Xiaoni (China)
Translated from the Chinese by Eleanor Goodman
(Zephyr Press)

Sorrowtoothpaste MirrorcreamSorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream
by Kim Hyesoon (Korea)
Translated from the Korean by Don Mee Choi
(Action Books)

Download PDF of the press release here.

About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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