The 2020 Virtual Travel Fellowship Audio Chapbook is Here!

L to R: Shoshana Akabas; Karen Hung Curtis; Alex Karsavin; Jamie Lauer; Dong Li; Kristen Renee Miller; Laura Nagle; Ena Selimović; Öykü Tekten

Congratulations once more to the winners of the 2020 Virtual Travel Fellowships, including the fifth annual Peter K. Jansen Memorial Travel Fellowship!

ALTA celebrates this year’s Virtual Travel Fellows with a downloadable audio chapbook of the Fellows reading from their translations, introduced by 2009 Travel Fellow Robin Myers. You can now listen to this chapbook on ALTA’s Soundcloud page. Follow this link for a transcript of the readings.

Learn all about this year’s nine Fellows in the Travel Fellowships Brochure.

Normally there are 4-6 $1,000 fellowships to bring emerging (unpublished or minimally-published) translators to the ALTA conference. With the shift to a virtual conference this year, there are instead nine $500 fellowships, including two Peter K. Jansen Memorial Fellowships, to celebrate this year’s Virtual Travel Fellows at ALTA43. This year’s winners were selected by judges David Ball, Bonnie Chau, and Tenzin Dickie.

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