ALTA43 Collaboration with Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre

ALTA is delighted to be collaborating with Tucson’s Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre for a The+Crack+-+Among+Wild+Animals+-+Squarereading of a play in translation at ALTA43: In Between. We are excited to announce that the Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre has selected The Crack: Among Wild Animals by Gracia Morales and Juan Alberto Salvatierra, translated by Lauren Finch, to be read on October 16.

Lucía, Nico and Tomás are three city-dwelling friends who decide to spend a weekend away at a rustic country cottage together to relax. However, the threat of wild animals outside, human tensions inside, and even the house itself become more than they ever bargained for. 

This translation was graciously funded by the Society of Authors and Publishers of Spain (SGAE).

Congratulations to Lauren Finch on being selected as winner, and to Honorable Mentions Marc Silberman for atlas by Thomas Köck, and Jeremy Tiang for Braver New World by Pao-Chang Tsai. We are grateful to all those who submitted translations for consideration. Find out more on the Scoundrel & Scamp website, and be sure to register for the conference to tune in to the reading!

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