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Meet the 2019 Italian Prose in Translation Award Judges!

The Italian Prose in Translation Award (IPTA), which was inaugurated in 2015, recognizes the importance of contemporary Italian prose (fiction and literary non-fiction) and promotes the translation of Italian works into English. This $5,000 prize will be awarded annually to a translator … Continue reading

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Review of Algaravias Echo Chamber Waly Salomão, translated by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

by Allison Grimaldi-Donahue The initial reason I sought out Algaravias Echo Chamber by Waly Salomão and translated by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi was for the music. I’d only heard Salomão’s name when linked to tropicalia music–I had had no idea he … Continue reading

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Influences and Translation in Culture: Interview with Wolfgang Hermann, Part II

Conducted by Allison Grimaldi-Donahue This is the second of a two-part interview with Wolfgang Hermann, author of many works including Herr Faustini Takes a Trip. You may find the first part here.  Can you talk a bit about writers or … Continue reading

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Philosophy, Anti-Heroes, and Whether We’re Ever Actually Finished with Characters: Interview with Wolfgang Hermann, Part I

Conducted by Allison Grimaldi-Donahue Wolfgang Hermann is a prolific Austrian writer whose work I had never encounteredprior to reading his latest book in English translation, Herr Faustini Takes a Trip. The short novel, translated by Rachel Hildebrandt and reviewed by … Continue reading

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On Reading and Translating Queer Literature

by Allison Grimaldi Donahue I think of translating firstly as a branch of my reading life rather than my writing life, if the two can be separated at all.  I am moved to translate books I read in Italian that seem … Continue reading

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