Register now for ALTA Spring Multilingual Translation Workshops!

ALTA is excited to bring back another round of the popular Multilingual Translation Workshops this spring! 

Register here by March 21 to take part in Multilingual Translation Workshops held virtually over Zoom from April 24-29.

Multilingual translation workshops are small groups of translators who meet with an established translator (the workshop leader) to discuss and receive feedback on a brief excerpt of their work in translation. Participants need not all share the same source language(s), and you may submit texts translated from a language other than the one(s) your workshop leader is an expert in.

From emerging translators looking to workshop their first translation, to established translators looking for help on a tricky passage, these workshops are for everyone! 

Each workshop lasts 105 minutes in Zoom, and offers a collaborative experience between one workshop leader and 6 participants who circulate their work in advance. You are welcome to register for more than one workshop! 

Leaders for the spring workshops include Daniel Hahn, Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Janet Hong, Katherine Hedeen, Marian Schwartz, Achy Obejas, Bill Johnston, Kareem James Abu-Zeid, Elizabeth Lowe, Aron Aji, Khairani Barokka, and Emma Ramadan. 

Workshop slots are first-come, first-served, and are $60 apiece. Registration for these workshops closes March 21, so secure your slot soon! Translation excerpts must be submitted by April 5.

ALTA members receive a 20% discount on multilingual workshops: just use the ALTA member promo code sent earlier this week (search your inbox for “ALTA Member Promo Code”), or email ALTA staff to get it. And if you’re not an ALTA member and you’d like to receive this discount for these workshops, join today!

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