The New Spanish Books 2020 Selection

A panel of experts from the US publishing world participating in the New Spanish Books program, aimed at promoting Spanish literature in the United States, has selected the best works from among 205 titles.

The New Spanish Books campaign seeks to bring each year the best works in Spanish to professionals in the publishing sector in different countries.

NSB had the pleasure of having the participation of six top-level professionals, experts in the US market. Together they formed a team with varied profiles, made by Andrea Montejo, Esther Allen, Javier Molea, Chad W. Post, Susan Harris, and Marta López-Luaces.

The 2020 edition had the participation of 205 titles, with the following finalists:

TitleAuthorPublicher/Literary Agency
Algún día, Hoy (Someday, Today).Ángela BecerraEditorial Planeta S.A
Conciencia (Conciousness)Teresa ColomEdicions 62 S.A
Esta bruma insensata (This Foolish Haze).El Torres y Fran GalánDibbuks S.L
KingwoodAntonio López OrtegaEditorial Pre-Textos.
La Forastera (The Stranger)Olga MerinoAgencia literaria Carmen Balcells
La Grieta (The Crack)Carlos SpottornoAstisendo grupo editorial S.L.
La Mitad de la noche (The Middle of the Night)Mayra MonteroTusquets Editores S.A.
La Moneda, 11 de Septiembre (La Moneda, September 11)Francisco AguileraDrácena Ediciones S.L.
Las Batallas Silenciadas (Silenced Battles)Nieves MuñozEDHASA
Lota, La Cachalota (Lota the Sperm Whale)Roser Rimbau y Rosa SardinaTakatuka S.L.  
Nacimientos Bestiales (Beastly Births)Aina BestardZahorí de Ideas S.L.
Pequeñas Mujeres Rojas (Little Red Women)Marta SanzAnagrama S.A.
Seis Formas de Morir en Texas (Six Ways to Die in Texas)Marina PerezaguaCasanovas & Lynch Literary Agency S.L.  
Sinfín (Unending)Martín CaparrósCasanovas & Lynch Literary Agency S.L.

Find out more on the New Spanish Books website.

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