Check out the Translation Now Conference at Boston University!

TRANSLATION-NOW-B5If you’re in Boston at the end of this month, then you won’t want to miss the Translation Now conference put on by Boston University! This year’s conference marks 40 years of the Translation Seminar at BU—a happy anniversary to all! From the conference website:

Translation Now will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Seminar by bringing to Boston some of the most distinguished translators and scholars in the field today.  The conference will begin with a keynote address by Rosanna Warren, who gave the Seminar its current shape and taught it until 2012. Professor Warren’s keynote will be followed by a series of moderated conversations on key issues in literary translation, beginning with brief presentations by two or more of our distinguished participants, with ample time for input from the audience and other participants.”

Featuring Rosanna Warren as the keynote speaker, and with ALTA VP Ellen Elias-Bursac, and members Esther Allen, David Boyd, Alexander Elinson, Daniel Hahn, Aviya Kushner, Janet Poole, and NTA judges Ani Gjika and Sawako Nakayasu speaking, it promises to be an excellent time! Register for free here (please note that space is limited):

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