Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Assocation April 2016 Conference




Presented by Dr. Evelyne Accad, Author and Translator
Moderated by Prof. Cynthia Hahn, Lake Forest College

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lake Forest College, Hotchkiss Hall 100 (Meyer Auditorium)
Middle Campus, 555 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, Illinois
Parking is available on campus.

11:30 PM – 12:30 PM Lunch with Dr. Accad at Boomers Café, Mohr Student Center

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM Presentation and Discussion, Meyer Auditorium

Program Description: Dr. Evelyne Accad, author, activist, singer/songwriter and Professor Emerita of French/Women’s Studies/African/Middle-Eastern Studies/Globalization Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is a native of Beirut, Lebanon, of Swiss French mother and Egyptian-born father. Her award-winning novels, critical works and translations, in French and English, address issues across the globe, in particular with regard to women’s rights and gender inequality, as well as with the link between cancer and the environment.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Accad has translated Algerian author Noureddine Aba, as well as her own work, into French and English, working additionally with Dr. Cynthia Hahn, Professor of French at Lake Forest College, on the translation of 4 works of prose. Several of her works have been translated into multiple languages, including Arabic, Korean and Spanish. Accad gives workshops worldwide to inspire peace and the building of cultural bridges, singing and translating her songs for a varied audience in French, English and Arabic.

Directions to Lake Forest College, Middle Campus:

By Car: See the following link (See map of campus also on this page, buildings # 14 and # 22).

By Train: Take the Metra line Union Pacific/North Line (UP-N) to Lake Forest Station. From the train station, it’s a 10-15 minute walk east on Deerpath Road to Sheridan Road. Turn right (South) on Sheridan, walk to second entrance for Middle Campus (near a flashing crosswalk), next to Blackstone Hall gate (or come through the first entrance, between pillars for Middle Campus). The Mohr Student Center is the first building after Blackstone residence hall; it has large glass windows. Park and enter from the East side of the building and walk downstairs to Boomer’s Café (for individual purchase of food items and drinks). Or enter from any door and look for the large open space with pool tables, walk down the stairs to Boomer’s Café.

Hotchkiss Hall is close to the Student Center. Exit from the East side, continue down the sidewalk to the large, modern library, walk through the library, and continue down the sidewalk to reach Hotchkiss Hall; it resembles a purple castle. There is also parking near the front door. Walk inside and Hotchkiss 100 (Meyer Auditorium) is on the main level, behind the elevator.

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