Events from ALTA38 on YouTube!

If you were unable to make it to the incredible ALTA38: Translation and Traffic in Tucson, AZ this year (or if you did go and wish to relive it), never fear: We recorded a great number of our panels and events for your convenience and enjoyment. All videos are available on YouTube, but the full list is here:

Opening Ceremony

Keynote by Stephen Snyder (on Japanese literature in the time of Murakami)

Thursday, October 29 Panels

Divorcing Your Publisher

Where are the Women in Translation?

Reviewing Translation

Teaching Translation Workshops

Navigating Troubling Waters

ALTA Awards Ceremony (presenting the inaugural Italian Prose in Translation Award, the Lucien Stryk Prize [for literature translated from East Asian languages], and the National Translation Awards)

Friday, October 30 Panels

Literary Translation in Canada

Making of Originals: Translation as a Form of Editing

Editors Roundtable: Poetry, Prose, and Nonfiction

The Perils of Punctuation

Information Superhighway or The End of the Road?

Hooray! All is Lost!
Keynote by Jerome Rothenberg (in which he performs his translations from Celan, Neruda, and the “Horse Songs”)

Saturday, October 31 Panels

Editing Translation

Italian Traffic (Jams)

Teaching Translation to Monolingual Students

Theatre of the Translated

Translating Poetry from Indigenous Languages via Spanish

Translating Poetic Fragments

Closing Ceremony

Remarks from Mario Bellatin

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