NTA Longlist: Wallless Space by Ernst Meister translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick

Wallless Space by Ernst Meister, translated from the German by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick (Wave Books)

.In Ernst Meister’s last collection of poetry, vivid language animates the fabric of daily life, and even the simplest image becomes startling. In Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick’s vibrant, elegant translation of this remarkable German poet each word holds weight and motion, so that we, too, experience the “clamor of consciousness” that emerges poignantly in these poems. At turns big-hearted and humorous, the collection is also steeped in reflections on time and mortality; the “abyss of abysses” is truly never far away. This sparse and effecting book is the third and last of Meister’s trilogy to be translated by Foust and Frederick and published by Wave Books, making it the culmination of a significant collaboration between these two translators.

About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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