New Series: “Literatures, Cultures, Translation”

New Series: “Literatures, Cultures, Translation”
Bloomsbury Publishing Group (London, NY, New Delhi, Sydney)
Series Editors: Brian James Baer and Michelle Woods

Advisory Board: Rosemary Arrojo, Paul Bandia, Susan Bassnett, Leo Tak-hung Chan, Michael Cronin, Edwin Gentzler, Carol Maier, Denise Merkle, Michaela Wolf.

Bloomsbury is pleased to announce the launch of a new book series “Literatures, Cultures, Translation,” edited by Brian James Baer and Michelle Woods. The series will publish book-length manuscripts focused on literary translation, intellectual history, and cultural or historical analysis of interpreting and translation in various contexts and modes, including film, theater, graphic novels, and music.

The series is dedicated to the general goal of integrating the study of translation in disciplines across the humanities, social sciences and the arts by cultivating new research in the following areas (although manuscripts that fall outside these strands will also be considered):

1. Translation in a wider intellectual or theoretical context (i.e., Translation and Eco-Criticism, Translation and Sociology, Translation and Psychology)
2. Histories of the translation of key cultural texts (i.e., works by de Beauvoir, Einstein, Ibn Tufayl, Song Pu, etc.)
3. Translation and the making of modern national literatures (i.e., Chinese, French, Moroccan, etc.)
4. Biographical studies of influential translators and interpreters

Manuscripts should be approximately 60,000 words in length, written in an accessible manner but with the rigor of a research monograph, and aimed at upper-level undergraduates, graduate students and researchers. Especially appealing to potential authors is Bloomsbury’s commitment to publish the volumes in the series in paperback editions at an affordable cost.

If you have any queries and / or would like a copy of the Bloomsbury book proposal form, please contact either Brian James Baer (, Michelle Woods ( or Haaris Naqvi (


About Erica Mena

Erica Mena is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, and book artist. Pronouns: they/them.
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