Links Round-Up Oct 7-11


Daniel Canty’s “Wigrum,” a novel of form, poses interesting challenges for the translator and reader

News & Readings

The Syrian publishing industry is unsurprisingly another victim of the present war

How can you tell when translation is done well without the original? Elizabeth Harris discusses

Fantastical parables by Edmundo Paz Soldan in translation by Kirk Nesset

A little tease from Ioso Havilio’s “Paradises” in translation by Beth Fowler at BODY

Haidar Haidar’s “A Banquet for Seaweed” finally coming to English readers

“The landscape isn’t innocent; it is down-soft, ripe and cleft.” -Antonio Machado/Daniel Evans Pritchard


Ambar Past discusses the state of poetry in Spanish, english, Tsotsil, translation, even digital

Stefan Tobler of And Other Stories press assesses the current realities of publishing literature in translation

Daniel Mendelsohn & Dana Stevens talk about the qualities that make a good contemporary translation, with examples from Homer

Claire Armistead & Daniel Hahn discuss the relationship between translators & reviewers

Opportunities & Events

Literary Translation Conference in the South of France next summer.

Reunion the Dallas Review is now accepting submissions through December 15th

Festival de la Palabra: events for the calendars of Spanish speakers/translators

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