Links Round-Up Aug 26-Aug 30

Readings & Discussion

Juliet Winters Carpenter’s translation of the Japanese folktale “The Bamboo Cutter” is beautifully illustrated here-don’t miss her interview

Lisa Carter offers good advice to those beginning a career in literary translation

An amusing takedown of some translation myths

The latest issue of The Battersea Review is here with a plethora of poetry in translation & brilliant criticism

“in Lorca’s poetry death is not the result or the end of living but, like sex, an act in itself, almost in the theatrical or spectacular sense of the term” -Mario Murgia

A tantalizing excerpt from Joaquin Perez Azaustre’s new novel “The Swimmers” in translation by Lucas Lynde


Javier Marias’ “The Infatuations” translated by Margaret Jull Costa is ‘no mere formulaic thriller’

The Complete Review assesses Jang Jung-il’s “When Adam Opens his Eyes,” the first in DA’s Korean Library series

Ellman Crasnow & Bente Elsworth bring us the medieval Hebrew poetry of Meir of Norwich

Angela Woodward considers Magdalena Tulli’s body of work including her latest novel “In Red” translated by Bill Johnston

[George Economou] “has now presented us a new translation of C. P. Cavafy with no wasted words”

For a gripping narrative and a harrowing read, pick up “Monsieur le Commandant” by Romain Slocombe trans by Jesse Browner


Acclaimed writer Emma Donoghue provides insight into the special relationship between authors & their translators

“…to seek an appropriate metaphor for translation is to seek a metaphor for a metaphor…” -Carol Maier

“I was fascinated by translated poetry from other languages because…it didn’t have such a restricted system and didn’t sound ‘perfect.'” -Dunya Mikhail

“A poet must write about the plight and the pain of the people,” says Afghanistan’s most famous poet


Announcing the winners of the 2013 science fiction & fantasy translation award

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