Links Roundup, August 12 – 16


Congratulations to all of the 2013 PEN Literary Award winners!

Call for submissions: frankmatter journal.

Celebrate ten years with Words Without Borders, October 29 in NYC.

Submit your work to Isthmus, translations welcome.

“An oasis for poetry translators to work,” sounds good… Witter Bynner Poetry Translation Residency, apply by 8/31.

Translation to be highlighted at Book Expo America 2014.



“A great take on the epistolary form,” a review of Iselin C. Hermann’s Special Delivery.

“The Sinistra Zone is neither an easy nor an enjoyable read. It is, however, an interesting one.”

“The translation is remarkable and adroit,” Fiona Sze-Lorrain reviews Theme of Farewell and After-Poems.

“Juliet Winters Carpenter and Ann Sherif have created a translation that is smooth, evocative, and modern.”


Readings & Discussions

“Cool Swedish Titles from Finland,” at the Swedish Book Review.

“I assure you that every competent translator has to be a writer, because that is what we do.” -Edith Grossman

RT @TranslatedWorld: Let’s make it standard practice to give the translator’s name immediately after the author’s. #translatorsmatter

“we all know the rough path / first the impossible desire / for the prince (doll in formal attire)”

“If they make a good team, [the author and the translator] can really get into each other’s mind.”

Scottish poets, Iraqi poets, and the phrase “bridge translator”… you can see where this is going.

“I’ll invent things so not to get confused. / Count my steps / or bite my lower lip savoring the slight pain”

Translation is a derivative art… Intralingo clears up some misperceptions.

“I part the sea in two—the poem / always one step from the abyss.”

A Conversation with Translators Frank Wynne and Peter Bush…

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