Links Round-Up Aug 5-9

New short fiction by Cesar Aira in translation by Alfred Mac Adam

Words Without Borders’ August issue is here, with a focus on Brazil

A powerful poem by Kiril Medvedev in translation by Keith Gessen with Isabel Lane

A poignant discussion of bilingualism

A commercial translator’s perspective on her foray into literary translation

A poetry portfolio by Yolanda Castano, multiple translators

The depths and heights of translating (and interpreting).

Is it part of the professional translator’s role to act as cultural ambassador? Food for thought

Ilya Kaminsky interviews Ghassan Zaqtan & his translator Fady Joudah on the Poetry Foundation’s podcast

Esther Allen & Susan Bernofsky Eds. of the new collection “In Translation” tackle all kinds of fascinating topics

Slavic language translator Will Firth sees himself as more of a philologist

Basim al-Ansar discusses Iraqi and Arabic poetry, and poetry’s global elite audience

Chad W. Post says Joao Almino’s “Book of Emotions” is your prototypical Dalkey Archive book-but we like DA don’t we?

The Complete Review assesses Pedro Mairal’s “The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra,” New Vessel Press’ first release

Natsuo Kirino retells Japan’s creation myth from the woman’s perspective in “The Goddess Chronicle,” translated by Rebecca Copeland

Goliarda Sapienza’s tome “The Art of Joy” now available in English translation by Anne Milano Appel

“While one could place this under the subgenre of fiction about the [Colombian] War on Drugs, [Juan Gabriel Vasquez’s] ‘The Sound of Things Falling’ would be a peculiar entry” for its relative lack of violence

News and Announcements
PEN International announces the longlist for the inaugural New Voices award

Sobering news from the Brazilian publishing industry

Don’t forget to send us your announcements for the ALTA Newsletter due Aug 15th!

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