Links Round Up 7/29-8/2


When time comes, it opens its house/and is reborn into the world. -Burma poet, Wawn Awng

“I see translating as a sort of ‘confined freedom’ or ‘free confinement'” -Giovanna Scocchera on translating

A little history of translation

Not a lot of good news for Polish publishers. Read about the challenges here

What do you learn from studying translation? BJ Epstein mulls it over.

“If I/had/wings./That would/be a poem.” -Tin Moe

Spotlight on Italian translator Anne Milano Appel!

“You try hard and you listen but in the end we’re all mostly capable of being exactly who we are” –Nathan Deul

Read about late Burmese poet Tin Moe’s exile and his beautiful, haunting poems, too.


Now out in English, “Borges the Professor,” translated by Katherine Silver

Read about Adam Thirlwell’s interesting “Multiples,” a project to put literary style to the test.


Want to be a translator in residence for at Free Word Centre? Apply now!

The Andika Prize, a new English-Language writing prize in Burundi, will accept submissions until 15 October 2013





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