Links Roundup, July 22 – 26


Announcing the winner of the 2012 Found in Translation Award… Antonia Lloyd-Jones.

Announcing the recipients of the PEN/Heim Translation Fund…

And, the recipients of the 2013 NEA Translation Fellowships have been announced…

The John Dryden Translation Competition is now open and accepting entries.

The July issue of Asymptote… incomparable, as always.

“The Nexus of Translation,” registration is now open for the 2013 ALTA annual conference.



“This project can be read as a book about ‘translation’ itself,” on Lisa Rose Bradford’s translation of Juan Gelman.

“Professor Borges is a translation of extemporised lectures, and this is how it reads.” Ouch. Still looks interesting.

“…translator Rebecca Copeland did everything right…” Hannah Vose reviews The Goddess Chronicle.

“Wenguans Huang’s translation of For a Song and a Hundred Songs brings a new voice and story to a larger tradition.”


Readings & Discussions

“And it’s true that the thing was to be or not to be. / But also / to be capable or incapable.”

“I am constantly on the lookout for authors whose books I would like to translate” -Julia Sherwood

What must the translator consider when working with self-published authors?

Marguerite Duras’ L’amour is out this month from Open Letter Books; whet your appetite with this excerpt in Guernica.

Arabic Literature (in English) has a bit more info on one of the NEA grant recipients, Mohammed A. Albakry.

Are some translations “erasing the Arabic” from the original?

Amalia Gladhart on translation…

“We all need more visibility,” Cristina Vezzaro discusses her fantastic website, “Authors & Translators.”

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