Links Round-Up July 15-19


“It keeps to the confines of dark waters.” – Giampiero Neri

Read an excerpt from Juan José Saer’s forthcoming novel “La Grande”

Are you paying attention to shifts in the English language (including, ugh, more “got” & passive voice!)?

Long commute home or slow day at the office? Poetry translation podcasts to the rescue!

Summer travelers: A literary guide to Spain!

“we carried on sliding the whole day and nothing/kept us” – Marije Langelaar

“The Lament,” no… “The Wail,”…no “The Tattered Cloak!” On titling works in translation, translator Marian Schwartz

“she felt as if she had long been waiting for this day” – Wakako Kaku’s “Ogre Inside”

WWB interview with Patricio Pron and his less than sparkling views of Madrid

See the latest poems from Poetry Translation Centre’s workshops

“The nausea and depression to which I awoke each morning led me at once into the world I intended to describe.” -Imre Kertész, Paris Review

Donal McLaughlin: “Books are a bit like buses sometimes. You wait and wait, then they all come at once!”


The winner of the 2013 Caine Prize for African Writing has been announced!

Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan is one of nine candidates for the prestigious Neustadt Prize.

BookExpo America’s Global Market Focus on translation!


Webflakes! Translators needed to translate international bloggers posts on wine, food, fashion, design, & architecture

Wales Literature Exchange contest: translate 3 poems from Spanish to English or Welsh. Hurry, deadline is July 22!

Lemon Hound announces its first poetry contest. $750 cash prize, deadline November 15


Review of “Trafalgar” by Angélica Gorodischer, a book full of wild tales, digression and lots of coffee drinking

Two articles on Jacques Ranciere’s Aisthesis, recently published in English.

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One Response to Links Round-Up July 15-19

  1. Doreen says:

    Personally, I’d reserve my “ugh!” for “Lemon Hound announces it’s first poetry contest” rather than the useful get-passive — which, as the Mental Floss piece explains, goes back 300+ years — but there’s no accounting for taste…

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