Links Round-Up Jul 8-12

Interviews & Discussions

Intralingo spotlights Richard Jeffrey Newman, who translates classical Persian poetry using English translations
A comprehensive and optimistic assessment of translation efforts in the Arab world
A tremendous interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard on his work that “[pushes] the novel almost to the edge of unreadability, where it turns out to be addicting and hypnotic
An interesting resource for those confronted with the challenge of translating racial slurs
Cesar Aira on professionalism, perfection, and innovation in the novel
Rowan Ricardo Phillips writes about translating the Catalan poet Salvador Espriu on the centennial of his birth
Marc Vincenz discusses Swiss literature and the challenge of translating German compound words
Rafael Franco-Steeves reintroduces a delightful and neglected classic by Manuel Abreu Adorno, “And the Hippies Came”
“Ben Barka Lane”: a portrait of a Moroccan coastal town in the pivotal summer of 1965 and…romantic murder-mystery with larger-than-life characters
A pretty cool story collection, based on a translation game
A timely and thoughtful review of Liao Yiwu’s memoir, “For a Song and a Hundred Songs”
For those of you who have never read Marguerite Duras, the strange and absorbing “L’Amour” is an invigorating place to start
An interesting review of Bolano’s collected poems, translated by Laura Healy
If you like Calvino, Borges, and Auster, chances are you’ll like Patrice Martin’s “Kafka’s Hat” translated by Chantal Bilodeau
Russian translators sought for religious studies journal
“I’m turning half alien:/to my eyes now”
“Celan Reads Japanese,” a fascinating discussion of “translatablity” by Yoko Tawada in translation by Susan Bernofsky
For Korean translators, the summer issue of LIST-Books from Korea is now available
An exhilarating portrait of Jean Genet in Spain by Juan Goytisolo, in translation by Peter Bush
You may be surprised to learn that Amazon is the largest publisher of translated literature in the US
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