Links Round-Up June 24-28


Francis Jones wins the 2013 John Dryden Translation Competition:


“Iceland has the most books per capita in the world… But what of this flood is available in English translation?”

Mikhail Shishkin: A Reading and Conversation with his Translator Marian Schwartz:

An author and translator discuss what it means to be a Chilean writer and talk about the translation process:

Could crowd-funding be a way to bring more translations across language boundaries?

Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail on being part of the global and local writing communities:

5 Tastes of Spain for Armchair Travelers. Lisa Carter explores the world through literature in translation:

An interesting interview on the merits of virtual web tours to promote works in translation:

Where is African literature at today? Good question!

Interview with John O’Brien of the Dalkey Archive Press on a world of literary publishing filled with pitfalls:

Will readers buy a title they can’t pronounce?

At Cairo’s first translation slam, much of the discussion centered around cultural context:

“The more I translate the better it feels.” -Silvia Camerotto

In Translation

“Who / am I? / He awakes. / Sucks into his lungs’ depths / the last sleepy dregs of a dumb question.”

Magazines is a (French-language) blog that aims to promote Québec literature in France. Always worth a read!


New Vessel Press Promises Entertaining Translated Lit in English:


A complete review of “Summertime, all the Cats are Bored”:

Comparing My Struggle to Proust is dumb, says Conversational Reading:

“The project that Tavares underwent in creating the stories and the characters in The Neighborhood is staggering.”

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