Links Round-Up June 17-21

News and Events

Check out the photos from Poetry International’s 2013 Festival

The 2013 Persian Poets’ Tour kicks off in Manchester tomorrow, June 20!

World Literature Today announced the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature Jurors

The power of poetry: can reading traditional poetry help with dementia?

Read and Discussion

“All this that we call love –/where will it be, when the crows come?”

“With that dangerous thing – a little knowledge – I decided to translate.”

“But I am not a responsible poet.” -Kwame Dawes’ blog post about the 44th Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam

“but sometimes what I want to say gets lost/like a moon smudged with cloud”

Fascinating map of American English Dialects–the complexity and nuance!

One of the coolest publishers in the world? Read on to hear more about Urvashi Butalia

A new Turkish literary translation blog, Word Prism

Summer reading suggestions–in translation, of course!

Read a selection from Juan José Saer’s “La Grande” in Center for the Art of Translation’s June issue

“The tinder was dry as bone, and when it finally did flare, it did quite unexpectedly and spectacularly”

A great article on fostering literary respect for underrepresented regions & authors

Call for Submissions

Call for submissions! New, Ambos magazine, Quebec literature in translation


A review of “And the Hippies Came (Llegaron los Hippies)” by Manuel Abreu Adorno




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