Links Roundup, June 10 – 14


Author Ghassan Zaqtan and translator Fady Joudah to share the 2013 Griffin Poetry Prize.

FIT 20th World Congress call for papers: Man vs. Machine?

You’re invited: a virtual literary salon with Lisa Carter.

The Translation Lab program at Ledig House is even bigger this year.

Congratulations to Alyson Waters and Nora Scott, winners of the French-American Foundation’s translation prize.



“…Absolute precision in Levine and Ernst Powell’s immensely satisfying translation.”

“Translation is its own OuLiPian exercise, so (American member) Daniel Levin Becker is in a uniquely insider position.”


Readings & Discussions

“They were sprouting wildly / Like grass on a blank sheet of paper”

“It is impossible to translate a work from the past and not be influenced by what has happened since.”

Listen to this substantial conversation with the incomparable Edith Grossman.

You must translate these women.

“I love the actual process, the puzzling, the challenges.” – Judith Wilkinson on translation

“Naked as Joseph when his brothers had stripped him / of his many-colored coat—but you’re going to be king”

“From what I’ve seen, life shrinks to this: / have the best time you can / as long as you can.”

German translator Peter Lewis on grammar, dialogue, puns, and slang.

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