Links Roundup, May 27 – 31


The Literary Translators’ Association of Canada announces the John Glassco Prize.



“The Savage Detectives is a mindblowing novel,” enough said, but you can read the full review here:

“Elizabeth Deshays and Jody Gladding solve the difficult (translation) problems in inventive ways,” on ‘The Eleven.’

“The translator here manages to convey the narrator’s sense of confusion and subsequent acceptance beautifully.”


Readings & Discussions

The Literature Translation Institute of Korea is on a mission.

“A good translation does not involve merely translating words …”

“and wrote a couple of lines, / heaved a sigh watching / the day return / without a single bird.”

Typo 18 presents Venezuelan poetry in translation.

“beneath the tree I will be a fairy that stalks / insects without nests.”

“Do you have a specific reason for applying, or…” / “I’m going to Toronto.”

Further lessons on the business of translation from Intralingo; this time around, royalties.

“If any new translators are listening! … one should translate things that really speak to you.” – Marilyn Booth

“Translators are like actors who speak the author’s lines” – Edith Grossman

“The Three Rs in Translation,” another info-packed interview with Intralingo’s Lisa Carter.

David Colmer is the star of this show – the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize recognizes the translator.

“On behalf of literary translators everywhere, let me declare that we have nothing to apologize for.”

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