Links Roundup, May 20 – 24


Enter Asymptote’s “Close Approximations” translation contest. Entries accepted between June 1st & September 1st.

Celebrating Lorca in New York (among other things)…

Still time to plan for these events from the Center for the Art of Translation.

Call for submissions: Asymptote is looking for material for its July 2013 issue.



“Genius or merely a good writer? I’m not quite convinced that Shishkin is the next-big-thing.”

“Praise for translator Anna Summers who renders these blunt tragicomedies with crisp phrasing and textured color”

“Basti” is “strewn with beautiful language” but good for those “interested in leaving their comfort zones.”


Readings & Discussions

Of ebooks, translation, and the bottom line.

“I don’t want to domesticate Paddington (bear).”

“Authors are hungry for translators and translators desperate for recognition.”

Ann Cefola – “pantomiming sentences to get a better understanding of knottier phrases” – at Intralingo.

“An Approximate Time Line of Twisted Translations” – simply looking at this chart is a pleasure.

Haruki Murakami on translation and his apparently unexpected popularity.

“It’s amazing to have a book taken into another language.”

“The translator has to violate the text.”

More thoughts on women in translation.

Check out the Poetry Translation Centre’s video archive of poets and their translators – too much for just one visit.

Dan Brown’s translators, packed into a clandestine location…

What do publishers want (from books in translation)?

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