Links Round-Up April 22-26


A lifetime of translations by W.S. Merwin, now collected

Discover Anthony Madrid’s contemporary, English take on the ghazal

Beautiful poetry by Caio Meira in translation by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren

French translators! Fiction France is now available, with a digest of contemporary books to be translated

A new translation of Tarjei Vesaas’ The Birds, a novel that ‘explains nothing yet conveys everything’

Ilan Stavans blogs on becoming a superhero

As we celebrate Lorca, a wonderful review of the republication of Simon & White’s translation of Poet in New York

Siri Hustvedt discusses her translators, and translating her own work

Jim Kates discusses how he got started as a literary translator

“the suns are sunning and the seas still seaing…”

Fascinating interview with Japanese translator Stephen Snyder

On contemporary Chinese essayists…

Poems by Edoardo Sanguineti translated and with an introduction by Will Schutt

For your weekend, a steamy short story by Bolaño in the New Yorker, trans by Laura Healy


Volunteering for the PEN World Voices Festival May 1-5 comes with many perks…

May 6th brings New Yorkers “The Politics of Polyglossia,” an exciting program on translation

Chicagoans! “Palabras ajenas” panel on literary translation, April 30th at UIC


St. Petersburg Review seeks submissions by end of May

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