Links Round-Up April 15-19


Updates from 2013 Puterbaugh Festival of International Lit & Culture, feat. Maaza Mengiste & photographer Phil Borges

Voices Carry Benefit Event and Dinner in San Francisco 4/20, translation and a gorgeous Art Deco backdrop!

44th Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam is upcoming! June 11, Rotterdam, Netherlands

A Lorca Festival? Why yes! All this month in NYC.

Meanwhile over in London, the Turkish Translation Slam took place in the Literary Translation Centre


New Two Voices episode with Russian writer Mikhail Shishkin and his translator Marian Schwartz

Lola Paley-Byron talks about finding her father’s work in the Warsaw Archives

“The Milky Way glows overhead./The child grows weary and walks away” poet Bakhyt Kenzjejev’s poem “Light trembles in the keyhole”

“Blue/Like the sea’s thoughts” from Sinan Antoon’s “A Butterfly In New York”

Have you heard of the magazine Språktidningen? No? It’s a fascinating Swedish magazine all about language.

Advice on how to price a book translation

Word for Word / Wort für Wort with German and American Writing Students

Does style matter in translation?

Bernard Cohen on the musicality of translation and much more

An essay by writer Rilla Askew on understanding the complexities of self, identity & race

“The literary translator is an unsung poet, a ghost writer. A person who knows the pleasure of language.”


A review of Andri Snær Magnason’s darkly comic book, LoveStar, translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb

A revival of oratory? The return of an ancient genre!

A review of poets Miguel Hernández & Mario Santiago Papasquiaro’s work

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2 Responses to Links Round-Up April 15-19

  1. Doreen says:

    Wouldn’t it be more useful to readers to link to the actual website of Språktidningen, rather than a blog post about it that also gives no information about how to get hold of the magazine? Anyone can subscribe online with a credit/debit card – no need to go to Sweden.

    • maddisonann says:

      Hi Doreen. Yes, it probably would have been helpful to link to the actual magazine. Reading someone’s perspective about it always interesting too, though. Thank you for providing the link!

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