Links Round Up Mar 25-29


I see a thread of beauty rippling/like a river of nobility -Palestinian poet Najwan Darwish,

Check out Poetry Translation Centre on Pinterest!

A tribute to the late Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe

Hear from the mischievous minds behind Traviesa, a new online & ebook publication for contemporary Spanish fiction

Listen in to the most recent hodge-podge podcast from Three Percent

All the outside lives inside Miami: writer M. Evelina Galang on Miami

Remembering Turkish translator Fred Stark

Winter trees cough like old men/about death’s white nightmares/while the rain talks in Latin.–E. Montego on Paris Review

The bridge is pasted together stone by stone/and the sky keeps gnawing –Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun

This dark truth, this swaying lightness/like the whisper of endless bats –Spanish poet Coral Bracho


The London Book Fair is coming up! April 16-17

Look for these great events at the London Book Fair put on by British Centre for Literary Translation

The New Testament now available in the Chhattisgarhi, a language spoken by more than 15 million people in India

The Trinity Journal of Literary Translation is launching and celebrating it’s founding issue on Wednesday April 3rd

Mikhail Shishkin’s, author of Maidenhair, April book tour schedule

2 day colloquium by Div. of Lang. & Intercultural Studies
School of Arts, Lang. & Cultures, Univ of Manchester 13-14 June


Call for Papers: The Cardiff Conference on the Theory & Practice of Translation in the Middle Ages, proposals due 30 Sept

Call for papers: Theory and Practice New Convergences, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Proposals due 4/5

2nd Call For Papers: “Did anyone say Power?”: Rethinking Domination & Hegemony in Translation (5-6 September 2013)


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