Links Round-Up Feb 18-22


A linguist’s quest to save Aramaic

The fascinating “Untranslatable Words Database”

Check out the first issue of 2013 of TWO LINES online

Where is the audience for translated books?

Interview with Jorge Volpi on “the end(s) of Latin American literature”

Interesting interview with Lucas Klein on his recent translation of Xi Chuan’s selected poems

Adrian West discusses his translation of Antonio Altarriba’s “The Art of Flying”

The challenge of “unread and unreadable books”

A new issue of “Loaded Bicycle” includes John Taylor’s translation of Swiss poet Jose Flore-Tappy



Susan Sontag Prize for Translation now accepting French submissions due in April

Prize opportunity for translators from Modern Greek, submissions due April 15th

Publishing Perspectives wants to hear from translation publishers and translators who have published their own work



Tremendous review of Ernst Herbeck’s “Everyone Has a Mouth” translated from the German by Gary Sullivan

Traveling to Cairo? Read a multifaceted portrait of the city in “The Literary Atlas of Cairo”

A new collection of “contemporary Mexican short stories of the fantastic” from Small Beer Press

Corinne McKay has turned her popular blog, “Thoughts on Translation,” into a book!

Farrar, Straus & Giroux bring an Indonesian bestseller to the U.S. Read the Complete Review here

Do you follow Mira’s List for creative opportunities? She’s just announced her blog is on hiatus

5 exciting recommendations from World Literature Today, recently available in translation



Planning to attend the Festival Neue Literatur this weekend in NYC?

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