Links Round-Up Feb 11-15


“In Yiddish,…the person you are fated to meet, your soul mate. In Oklahoma, this is what’s called ‘a keeper.’”

A Valentine’s Day holdover: listen to Iranian poet Azita Ghahreman’s “Happy Valentine”

Great Q&A with Nigerian writer Chika Unigwe

W.G. Sebald on the Old Masters

Interview with Spanish translator C.M. Mayo on Intralingo

Morten Søndergaard’s Night Blog: “We let the air out of this place, as if from a beach toy,/and take it with us.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! How about some stories in translation exploring the dark complexities of love?

Slick new online format for the Open Letter Newsletter. Read the current one here

Haven’t posted a reminder about WWB Tumblr site in a while. Lots of interesting images, videos, posts. Find it here:

A poem from Nordbrandt: I used to use the word suffering/as one might when referring to/a clogged kitchen sink.

Paris Review’s interview with Italian writer/publisher Roberto Calaso

Surprising Chinese origins for some common English words: “gung ho,” “long time no see” and others!


Book Review: Mutlu Konuk Blasing’s “Nazim Hikmet: The Life and Times of Turkey’s World Poet”

Finnegan’s Wake a hit in China? Read about translator Dai’s struggles, triumphs, & the book’s surprising popularity


Translators under age 35, don’t forget to send in translations for the Gutekunst Prize for Young Translators, due Feb 28!

Enrollment open for British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School–offerings include Portuguese & Swedish

BU Lecture Series in Literary Translation: this Friday 2/15 Keith Vincent discusses translating queer theory

Best Greek to English Literary Translation: 2013 MGSA Constantinides Memorial Translation Prize Competition, due 4/15

This Saturday,The Helix Center hosts a free discussion of poetry and translation ‘Urdu Poetry: Ghalib and the Ghazal’

Free workshops to translate poetry from Turkish, Georgian, and on Feb 13, Kurdish.

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