Links Round Up Jan 21-25

News and Events

Brazilian author Clarice Lispector discussed tomorrow 1/23, 7pm at The Bridge series in NYC

Sebald Lecture on translation is upcoming: Feb 4

Reading and Discussion

Restoring the poems of Martinican poet Aimé Césaire

Sir James M. Barrie’s cricket team of famous authors named “The Allakahbarries,” a mis-translation of “Heaven help us”

Is the homogenization of contemporary prose fiction & translation creating generic international content?

Interview with John O’Brien of Dalkey Archive Press, discussing translation, joy of discovery, & the point of literature

Needing a poetry fix? Peruse the poetry podcasts of Poetry Translation Centre in Arabic, Persian, Spanish and more

Translator Mahmud Rahman discusses the short story “Waiting” ( ) by Bengali writer Ahmad Mostofa Kamal

Bosnian poet Izet Sarajlić: setting fire to the balcony,/starting a war journal/and dreaming of three scrambled eggs.

Interesting arguments in an open letter to Alexandra Petri defending American poetry


Candygirl by M.M. Tawfik, an “interesting spin on the existentialist thriller, with decent mix of real & virtual worlds

Just out: Esposito and Elkin’s The End of the Oulipo?


Call for papers from the Ctr for Research in Translation & Transcultural Communication Eng/French: “Translating Rhythm”

Call for applications for Nida School of Translation Studies in Misano Adriatico, Italy, deadline 1/31/13

Call for papers: 4th International Symposium on Eco-translatology in Huazhong Normal Univ, Wuhan, China. Deadline: 5/10.

Call for papers: Special issue on Translating Memory in translation, an interdisciplinary journal, deadline April 30th

Gulf Coast is accepting submissions!

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2 Responses to Links Round Up Jan 21-25

  1. Doreen says:

    Hi, unfortunately the listing for the Sebald Lecture (under “News & Events”) has the wrong date: the correct date & time is February 4th at 7 pm.

  2. For anyone who couldn’t attend the Sebald Lecture, I’ve put my impressions of the evening on my blog here: .

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