Links Roundup, January 14 – 18


PEN reminds us that there’s still time (by 2/1/13) to submit to a variety of awards… translation-oriented, too.

Announcing a new translation imprint from Dzanc Books.




“There is more to The 210th Day than knockabout humour.” Natsume Soseki’s novella reviewed at Tony’s Reading List.

“The novel is an absolute pleasure to read.” Will Vanderhyden reviews Severo Sarduy’s “Firefly” (tr. Mark Fried).

“Platonov is a master stylist, and the translators have done a masterful job”

“What happens when we dissociate a text from its author’s reputation?” Chad W. Post examines Kafka.

“It is a mystery without an easy solution.” J.T. Mahany on We Monks & Soldiers.

“Has South Africa found its modern voice of the people, its cutting-edge bard of the townships?”



Readings & Discussions

Asymptote’s January issue is out. Enjoy!

“Tremor calls to tremor / […] / epilepsy seizes the earth”

Saadi Youssef translators Sinan Antoon & Peter Money talk translation and poetics.

Some translation previews from Three Percent.

Reflecting on the legacy of Jaroslav Hašek.

Have you had the chance to check out the St. Petersburg Review?

“I’m never going to be a Márquez, a Rulfo or a Borges.” Dancer Carlos Acosta on his novel “Pig’s Foot.”

“Day holds night’s hand / evenings play merry-go-round with mornings”

The challenges in translating humor cannot be overstated.

English PEN on translated books we should be watching for in 2013.

“The lion with his mouth wide open on the doorway of 112 is as full of himself as he is every morning.”

A sort of co-translation process surfing the ripples of time… translating Catalan with a little help from Beckett.

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