Links Round-up Dec 17-21


The best untranslated writers.

Call for Norwich papers.


“Raised from the Ground” by José Saramago

Are Arab historical novels timid?

How to describe the film work of Hungarian director Béla Tarr: prosaic sublime.


If English feels too clunky, try Ithkuil, a made-up language three decades in the making

When enough is enough: when to give up the PhD.

On establishing a global platform for book publishing rights: could big changes be around the corner?

Awards & Prizes

The Gitanjali Literary Prize.

Good Reads

Modern Poetry in Translation’s current issue: translated poems, short essays, & anecdotes on the idea of transition.

A poetic project evoking Lorca, Neruda and Vallejo–check out Pedro Carmona-Alvarez

An unlikely friendship: Bram Stoker and Walt Whitman

On reading Kiš: “beautiful, angry, erudite books and coming away baffled and shaken.”

Looking for a good read? Take some advice from Nabokov.

“…Criticism doesn’t mean anything to me.” —John Steinbeck. Read the Paris Review interview.

Looking for international publications of “best books of the year?” Here’s a start.

“The Burning of Judas Iscariot” by Irina Zhorov, inspired by Borges. Read more at The Coffin Factory

For Fun

Just in case you’re hosting French friends or spending the holidays in Paris, French movie title equivalents!

Need a last minute gift? The Cahiers Series explores writing & translating & can be bought individually or as a set

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