Links Roundup, December 3 – 7


Words Without Borders’ December issue is up!



“The Green Zone’s eyes / the Palace’s eyes / the invader’s grunts” Liza Katz on Amal Al-Jubouri’s occupation poetry.

The Canvas is “an invitation to the reader to partake in a particularly interactive experience.”

“It takes a skillful writer to persist in this method.” Jeff Bursey reviews “My Struggle” by Karl Ove.

Brad Johnson reviews Heather Cleary’s translation of “The Planets.”

Further stirrings over the poetry of Xi Chuan & translator Lucas Klein.

As a detective novel, really satisfying. But… Chad W. Post discusses Wolf Haas’ “Brenner and God.”


Readings & Discussions

“Be the inspiration of my tongue, / so that I may pasture / the tribes of my voice – though they are silent.

Katherine Silver discusses translation “puzzle mind.”

“In translating you are entering a world with rules and manners that have meanings (plural) for the native reader.”

“…something happened to me all of sudden, like a hammer that smashed my spirit to pieces.”

Can We Find Equivalence in Difference? The Translator’s Paradox

“There is a secret line between people who are close / Beyond which doting or desire may not tread”

Translating words? Better, perhaps, to translate concept.

Rubem Fonseca & Clifford E. Landers dazzle, once again, with some Brazilian crime.

Translator Heather Cleary discusses the “elaborate grammatical acrobatics [of Spanish],” among other things.

For your reading pleasure, a bevy of Arabic literature online.

“The couple starting kissing. (This was before it happened.)”

…And now the third installment of Josephine Balmer’s fascinating “Translating Fragments” series.

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