Links Roundup, Nov 26-30


2013 NEA grants to translation publishers/organizations: Archipelago, CAT, Open Letter, White Pine, WWB, and many more!

The 2013 English PEN award winners have been announced… look for their translations, coming soon!

A censored Syrian novel! … censored in the U.S. For its cover image. Really.

Funding for the Hungarian Translators’ House is under threat



Quick, think of a Bulgarian writer! Hence the effort to build “Brand Bulgaria

Copy-editing translations brings its own special headaches

Tim Parks asks: Who is world literature for?

Eduardo Halfon (The Polish Boxer) describes his hometown Guatemala City, as it looks from upstate New York

Roberto Calasso–reader, writer, publisher

Wondering how to publish writers so that no one will read them? A rant about “one of the best publishers we have

’09 Nobel Müller thinks the ’12 vintage isn’t up to snuff

Translator Ross Benjamin, on the Austrian writer Clemens J. Setz

“Friendship is a religion with no God or final judgment.” Tahar Ben Jelloun, at Words Without Borders



Tomorrow night (Nov 28th) in SF, celebrate Brazilian writing with Granta and Two Lines

Archipelago Books benefit auction this Thursday (29th) in NYC–buy tickets now!


New Work

We’ve been remiss in neglecting to note the new issue of Cerise Press. Great translations and other work! Go read it!

Gray-market love in “Although I Didn’t Know Your Name” by Jesus Fernandez Santos, at The Coffin Factory

Mo Yan’s “Bull” in The New Yorker–an excerpt from his novel POW! translated by Howard Goldblatt

A teensy taste of Angélica Gorodischer’s novel-in-stories Trafalgar, translated by Amalia Gladhart

Lend an ear to a story / to fill it with coins that bite / and speak —Rafael Acevedo, translated by Erica Mena



Is this really the last of Bolaño? Woes of the True Policeman reads like a distorted mirror of 2666

Zeina Abirached’s A Game for Swallows (translated by Edward Gauvin) “will come as a revelation” for young readers

Martín Adán’s The Cardboard House is “fragmented, sonorous, surreal

Shishkin’s Maidenhair “taps into a vein of storytelling so uncompromising, and so relentlessly pure…”

José Antonio Ramos Sucre’s prose poems offer unexpected content in a familiar form, says E.C. Belli

A strange and exhilarating new region of world poetry“: Xi Chuan’s Notes on the Mosquito, translated by Lucas Klein

So what if it’s not a novel? Eduardo Halfon’s The Polish Boxer is “a stimulating and inspiring read

Do not remember, and do not predict.” –an admonition from Marcel Schwob’s The Book of Monelle

The Iliad in English: two new versions, by Anthony Verity and Stephen Mitchell


On Translation

Canadian translator/publisher Stephen Henighan guests on That Other Word, the Paris-San Francisco translation podcast

At the University of Michigan, translation gets an entire theme semester

Feeling like you ate something bad? Relax, it’s just a new metaphor for translation



Berlin: great for parties and for translation workshops. Young translators can win both in the SAND Journal competition

Apply by Dec 7th for a UEA/BCLT translation symposium in March 2013

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