Links Round Up Nov 19-23


Early Bird Registration is open for the first IATIs Regional Workshop at Semarang in March 25-27, 2013.

Submit translations to Toad Press through Dec 31

Lots of interesting seminars at the 2013 ACLA conference including one on Translation, Transection, and Transformation


Anja Utler translated by K. Beals: interactive poetry in 2 languages. Very cool.

“The linguistic/Sweetness/Of the sugar I added.”

“The trouble with translation is getting it noticed.” That’s the old story, at least. 

A lovely series: Preambulatory Christmas Books. Rare books from around the world, rediscovered

From British Centre for Literary Translation, a new “In Other Words” issue featuring translated children’s literature

A traditional Iroquois prayer, “The Thanksgivings”

An epic, shocking, extreme novella about the Russian Revolution by Anatoly Mariengof

Goethe and his two love triangles–a new translation of “The Sorrows of Young Werther”

A poem adapted from French vagabond Villon (b. 1431) & exiled writer György Faludy (1910-2006)

Babel Guides: “the farmer’s market of the mind.” A great resource for literature (of many languages) in translationMusings

What Kafka’s book covers should look like 

This month, Astrid Lindgren, Swedish author of Pippi Longstocking would have been 105.

For Black Friday: a Bah Humbook virtual book exchange. A free AND literary gifting alternative.

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