Links Roundup, November 12 – 16


December 6, Paul Legault explains how to translate from English to English.

Some translation residencies and awards – bit of a roundup.

Patrick Creagh, 1930-2012

Still time to submit work for the ‘eXchanges’ Winter 2013 issue.



The great translator Eliot Weinberger has done it… again.

“Generously layered—granting access to the charm and beauty of [the] imagery and allowing [the] spell to be cast.”

Mexican “narco-literature” is on the rise. Vincent Francone reviews Juan Pablo Villalobos’ Down the Rabbit Hole.


Readings & Discussions

“Jonah remained safe inside the shop, removed from the monster’s mouth before it was reinvented as a signboard.”

Translating a 900+ page novel might just turn you full time. Sally-Ann Spencer’s thoughts on translation.

Crowdsourcing the translation of J.K. Rowling.

“Giving fresh life to a famous poem [with] a new translation.”

On translating dialects and standing your ground.

“We are unfair to her when we search for her poems. Let us not disfigure the beauty of Gaza.”

“Something almost feminine flutters, the nonchalance of a nymph, a glow of flesh blessed with the secret of beauty.”

Translations comprise nearly one-third of the titles on the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award longlist.

Translator from Czech strives to “make translations visible.”

“When I first came to the city / I watched the people fall in love / With everything they saw” Graphic fiction in WWB

“Our dreams, like our senses, slept. / During this time we stopped dreaming completely.”

“We are no longer poets; we have become witnesses of history.”

“A translator needs to be a skilful writer and not just someone with a wide vocabulary.”

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