Links Round Up Nov. 5-9


Have you heard about Twitter Translation Center? Twitter is asking people to help translate Twitter into other languages

Maybe Obama & Romney should have read Quintus Tullius Cicero’s advice on how to win an election (without a Super PAC)


Jim Kates remembers friend and translator Nancy Festinger

Vox Tablet’s podcast: Benjamin Stein & Brian Zumhagen talk about writing, translating, & novel The Canvas

Poet Mary Oliver reads 13th century Persian poet Rumi, every day.

Six questions for Katherine Silver on The Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira


Great panels at “Reaching the World,” hosted by Asian Pacific Writers & Translators and S.E.A. Write in Bangkok

Modern Poetry in Translation brings Italian poet Rocco Scotellaro back to life

New Work

No one reads Jean-Pierre Martinet? Now you can.

Mary Jo Bang’s new translation of Dante’s ‘Inferno’ offers a fresh taste of hell, Stephen Colbert & “South Park” included

Read “The Kid Never Panics” from Miljenko Jergovic’s “Mama Leone,” translated from Croatian by David Williams

Zombie poetry from Equatorial Guinea? Oh yes. Take a look Martín Camps’ poems to understand the metaphor

“My worries drove me on, like a whip”: from Kjersti Skomsvold’s second novel, Monsterhuman


“Heroism is the only thing a writer needs, along with a good editor and good translators.” —Patrick Besson

On Translation 

Would you help a rogue translator steal your work? Peter Mountford did.

Part II of Art Beck’s essay on whether poetry can ever be translated perfectly

Rimbaud’s poetry takes you, “into a world that is eerie, strange, and fantastic,” says Ciaran Carson

Danish author Peter Høeg on power, fame, and “The Elephant Keeper’s Children”


How about a translation residency at Villa Sarkia in Sysmä, Finland?

November is Black Lawrence Press’ open reading period. They want French & German translations–no fee to submit.

Really lovely book spine poetry contest over at Poetry International Web Magazine’s Facebook page

Looking to do more with literary translation? Intralingo offers a new course.

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