Links Round-up Oct 29 – Nov 2


Anna Gustafsson Chen clarifies that there was no conflict of interest in Mo Yan’s Nobel selection

Are UK publishers warming to translation? Publisher and translator Alessandro Gallenzi thinks so

London’s Peirene Press battles “3% problem” with 3 themed selections annually



Yuri Andrukhovych, Ukrainian poet, on politics, translation, and Dead Rooster

Peter Cole’s work spans poetry, translation, publishing, biography …. always “a vehicle for the transmission of wisdom

Not Just the Nobel: Other international literary prizes rely on translations

Mo Yan through a westerner’s eyes

He couldn’t have been happier, nor could I.” Translator Howard Goldblatt on Mo Yan

Booksellers at City Lights in San Francisco highlight their favorite translation selections

Mo Yan’s Garlic Ballads and 4 other places to start with contemporary Chinese writing

For International Translation Day, English PEN asked experts to recommend their favorite translated books



Tonight (Oct 30th) may be an opportune moment to discuss The Opportune Moment (if you can get to the UES, that is)

Sandy got you sandbagged? You can still support Words Without Borders tomorrow (or any day)


New Work

Kevin Brockmeier recommends “The Time Machine”–not H.G. Wells, but Dino Buzzati, translated by Lawrence Venuti

“Gesang von mir selbst,” “Canção de Mim Mesmo,” and 6 other new languages for Walt Whitman

Machado de Assis magazine: a journal of new Brazilian writing, translated into English and Spanish

Going to a Hallowe’en party? Drive carefully! A creepy story by Thomas Gunzig, translated by Edward Gauvin

“The Russian Bullet” in The American Reader (Olga Slavnikova, translated by Marian Schwartz)

Language Behind Bars? Better let it out! (it’s Paul Celan, translated by David Young)



Kunwu and Ôtié’s graphic-novel memoir A Chinese Lifedeserves a wide audience,” says The Guardian

“Monelle, the innocent prophet of destruction“: Marcel Schwob’s symbolist masterwork, translated by Kit Schluter

Elena Ferrante’s Brilliant Friend is “the twisted product of [an] uncanny world

W.S. Merwin’s Selected Translations: too much Merwin, or not enough?

“Wanting to say: you moor me, the wind thunders” Amelia Rosselli, translated by Diana Thow

David Prudhomme’s prizewinning graphic novel Rebetiko is a very Greek book–that was written in French

Zygmunt Miłoszewski’s A Grain of Truth (trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones) brings back Prosecutor Teodor Szacki


On Translation

Bill Martin on the theory and practice of translation in the academy, as discussed at the ALTA conference

London’s Free Word Centre offers (free) roundups of their (free) events on International Translation Day

Words Without Borders launches their “Translator Relay” interview series with the multitalented Erica Mena

Michael Henry Heim was a great teacher as well as a great translator, Brent Sverdloff recalls

Translating a “vast, frozen landscape”: Denise Newman on working with Naja Marie Aidt

When the publisher steals your translation, how can you protest? In an Amazon review!

Allison Charette reports on the ALTA conference in Rochester, earlier this month

Andrei Gelasimov’s Thirst “happens fast,” says translator Marian Schwartz



Submissions are open for PEN’s 2013 Literary Awards (including Translation Fund Grants)

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