Links Roundup, October 22 – 26


Call for submissions: Flash Fiction International.



“Credit should be given […] for pursuing what is a somewhat unconventional translation project.” The Walk reviewed.

“At several points a word will be repeated in several European languages” Children in Reindeer Woods reviewed.

“Choi’s translation [lets] the language do for itself what approximation or metaphor could not.”

“[A] coming-of-age narrative where the ‘what’ matters far less than the ‘how.’”

João Almino’s The Book of Emotions (tr. Elizabeth Jackson) has a little Borges thrown in for good measure.


Readings & Discussions

On the perils of “black market translation.”

“A foreign language was a door onto branching corridors of other histories…” Marilyn Hacker on translation.

Clive James to publish a new translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

“A translator walks into a bar…” on translating humor.

“Did Mo Yan’s translator give him the Nobel?” Questioning a potential scandal.

Taking a stand against the behemoths, but is it the best course for everyone involved?

“This is your work.” Lisa Carter maps the translator’s role in the editing process.

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