Links Round-up Oct 16–20


The Finnish Literature Exchange offers €650,000 to translate and publish Finnish books abroad

DSC South Asian prize longlist includes two translations!

The archive of Dalkey Archive will join other publishing history at Columbia

Hector Abad’s Oblivion, A Memoir (tr. Anne McLean and Rosalind Harvey) wins 2012 WOLA-Duke Human Rights Book Award

The Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize goes to Philip Hand, translating from Chinese

Read all about the 12 winners of the 2012 EU Prize for Literature and their winning works (which get translation funding)

Kafka’s papers will finally be available to the public



Translator Anne Milano Appel talks with Claudio Magris about his novel Blindly

Michael Henry Heim, as remembered by Andrei Codrescu, on NPR

Mo Yan’s POW! (trans. Howard Goldblatt, Seagull Books) is a comic phantasmagoria of life at its most physical

Viola Di Grado hopes to keep you awake with 70% Acrylic 30% Wool, translated by Michael Reynolds



Claudio Magris is in the US for Blindly, his new novel translated by Anne Milano Appel–tonight (Mon 15th) in CA, then moving east

Zena el Khalil’s Beirut, I Love You launches e-book line NYRB Lit tonight (Tues 16th) in NYC and Thurs in DC

This Wednesday (17th), an all-star Translation Night at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop in NYC

Tonight (Weds 17th) in NYC, Geoffrey Brock and Jonathan Galassi present the landmark FSG Book of Twentieth Century Italian Poetry

Dublinesque author Enrique Vila-Matas will be in NYC and DC next week (Oct 23-26)

Rocío Cerón’s new book Diorama in a multimedia presentation with translator Anna Rosen Guercio next Thurs (25th) in LA


New Work

Her god is too small, too obscene to halt her descent into Hell”: Hilda Hilst’s The Obscene Madame D, now in English

I’ve studied poetry intently, / even written a few startling lines. — Karen An-hwei Lee translates Li Qingzhao

Shoulder to shoulder, like the blind / And led along by destiny: two poems of Arseny Tarkovsky, at Guernica

The knife goes in white and comes out red!“: from Mo Yan’s Sandalwood Death, translated by Howard Goldblatt

“only death moves with letters of fire“: Vulturescu’s “The Tension of Detail” (tr. Sorkin & Iacob) in the new Asymptote

“She will sit like this, and maybe she will say it again like this, and I will hear it again, Vaclav.” Anja Kampmann @WWB



Monika Zgustová’s Goya’s Glass (translated by Matthew Tree) reimagines the lives of three women

Moshe Dor’s “turbulently romanticScorched by the Sun (tr. Barbara Goldberg) reviewed at WWB

Benjamin Stein’s The Canvas isn’t sentimental about the Holocaust, says the Forward

Mersault mourns his mama, in Sandra Smith’s new translation of Camus

Three reviews of Aira’s Miracle Cures: The Millions, The American Reader, Asymptote

A roundup of recently translated graphic novels, at the WLT blog

“The last sentence comes too suddenly“: Eduardo Halfon’s The Polish Boxer at Booksexy


On Translation

The Prison of Love puts the translator in a predicament, says Adrian West

The European translation situation is … not pretty, reports Literalab from a Frankfurt panel

Translator Art Beck considers whether poetry can ever be translated perfectly

Michael Henry Heim’s life was “A Happy Babel“–read a long interview at The Iowa Review

Translator Rosalind Harvey wants “more Estonian chick lit, Indonesian thrillers or Bolivian erotica“: interview at FSG

Edward McCrorie on translating the brutal power of the Iliad (with a knockout cover!)

Susan Bernofsky starts her ALTA conference recaps with the session on how to review translations



The 2013 Nida School in Rimini (May 20-31) will feature Sherry Simon and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Submissions for the 2013 Best Translated Book Award are open–no fees, just send your book to the judges!

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