Links Roundup, Oct 8-12


Congratulations to Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan–and to his English translator Howard Goldblatt!

Frisch & Co. is the new e-book translation publisher just launched by industry veteran E.J. Van Lanen–congratulations!



Music to our ears: John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats loves literature in translation

No one reads Nichita Stănescu? Hah! He “belongs in the same league as Rilke, Vallejo, Celan”

Three Percent has the first of what are sure to be many posts recapping last week’s ALTA conference in Rochester



On the first anniversary of his death: an evening honoring Taha Muhammad Ali, next Tuesday (Oct 16) in NYC

Poet Franck André Jamme will be reading in the US, October and November, coasts East and West

Hear Catalan and Spanish translator Peter Bush in NYC tomorrow (Oct 11), on his translation of Valle-Inclán’s Tyrant Banderas

On the Tracks of Wild Game, Friday night (Oct 12) in NYC: Tomaž Šalamun

Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me: follow poet Ghassan Zaqtan and translator Fady Joudah across the US this month

Plato in New York is Ersi Sotiropolous’ new fiction/poetry/talk–see it (free!) Thursday (Oct 11) at the Gershwin Hotel in NYC


New Work

Read an extract from Mo Yan’s Change at the Seagull Books blog

“Writing means telling a truth that life cannot bear“: from Georges Perros’ “So to Speak,” translated by John Taylor

For My Next Illusion I Will Use Wings: a week of stories from Alex Epstein’s latest, translated by Jessica Cohen

Read a sample of Landgericht (Court of Justice) by Ursula Krechel, winner of the 2012 Deutscher Buchpreis

becoming a boy again, a body, a heart“: Hervé Guibert’s The Mausoleum of Lovers, translated by Nathanaël



Translations from around the world, reviewed online and in the latest Review of Contemporary Fiction

Does Bernardo Atxaga’s Seven Houses in France show “early signs of Bartleby syndrome“? The Coffin Factory reviews it

The pleasures of futility: Tyler Malone reviews Sergio Chejfec’s The Planets (trans. Heather Cleary) at Full Stop

The Mookse, The Gripes, and The Canvas: Benjamin Stein’s new novel(s) reviewed


On Translation

“Beauty and destruction. I was possessed.” Susanna Nied on learning and translating Inger Christensen’s alphabet

Editor Keith Kahla talks about bringing Keigo Higashino’s Salvation of a Saint into English

George Carroll has six questions for German translator Katy Derbyshire



Go to France–for real, not just in a detective novel! Buy Treachery in Bordeaux and enter the contest

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