Links Roundup, October 1 – 5


If you happen to be in NYC on October 11, check out the next French literature night!

Transference, a journal of poetry in translation, is seeking submissions.

Congratulations to two award-winning translators: Don Mee Choi and Sinan Antoon!

Check out some of the remainder of the year’s great upcoming events.

Michael Henry Heim (1943 – 2012)

Michael Henry Heim, translation’s *modern* patron saint.



“These books capture … the fragility of lives in limbo, poised between self-assertion and annihilation.”

Tove Jansson’s “Art In Nature” reviewed at Tony’s Reading List.

“An exhilarating and often uncomfortable read.” Emma Garman on Alessandro Piperno’s “Persecution” (tr. Ann Goldstein).

“Eerily readable,” Peter Stamm’s “We’re Flying” (tr. Michael Hofmann) reviewed at Three Percent.

Bernardo Atxaga’s “Seven Houses in France” is ‘a complex novel that coasts along with “deceptive” simplicity.’


Readings & Discussions

“At the end of the day it was a hunt, a struggle with nature and the unknown”

“How do I start a collaborative translation project?” Good question…

“We have nations that we don’t want / Divide them according to your needs.”

Do you know Ayapan? A fascinating set of notes on a language that may or may not be dying.

Not just about translating Galileo…

Get the poems for Pussy Riot e-book from English PEN.

“Oil.” Words Without Borders’ October issue is up.

Does your name appear on the cover? Will it?

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