Links Round-up, Sept 24–28


The excitement is building for next week’s ALTA conference in Rochester NY

Buy The Paris Lawyer–just out in English–and win a trip to Paris! (or a case of wine or a stack of books)



Recovering a lost classic: Leonardo Sciascia’s Equal Danger

Warren Motte on the pleasures of the slow-moving story, with examples from France, at WLT

Will translating popular genres be the key to U.S. success for Le French Book?

Karl Knausgaard–at the Library of Congress!–on My Struggle and contemporary Norwegian writing

The Italicissima blog delves into Andrea Camilleri’s irresistible mix of Sicilian and Italian

Both sides of the story behind The Canvas by “Benjamin Stein”



Are Prehistoric Times in your future? Alyson Waters, translator of Eric Chevillard’s novel, this Thurs and 10/8 in NYC

In celebration of International Translation Day, some amazing workshops this Saturday (29th) at the London Review Bookshop

How should you observe International Translation Day (September 30th, i.e. this Sunday)? The FIT has some ideas

If you’re not at ALTA’s conference next week in Rochester, check out the Festival de la Palabra in Puerto Rico

Next Wednesday (3rd) in NYC, translator Sean Cotter on Romanian poet Nichita Stănescu

London’s Free Word Centre will observe International Translation Day next Friday, October 5th


New Work

My New Granny is a children’s book from Austria–translation is for all ages!

It’s a beautiful world, you said”: poems of Hester Knibbe, translated by Jacquelyn Pope with support from PEN

Just out: the Autumn issue of New Books in German!

“A routine in order to accommodate various states of rage, depression, and reverie“: Marcelo Cohen’s The End of the Same

New translation The Plain in Flames adds two more stories to Juan Rulfo’s landmark collection

Remembering poet and translator Malinda Markham with two of her translations from Japanese

New poetry translated from Croatian: The Tiger is the World by Tomislav Marijan Bilosnic

The Iowa Review takes a trip to Argentina–by translating a selection of work into Spanish



Ellen Elias-Bursac reviews Wheel with a Single Spoke and Other Poems by Nichita Stănescu (trans. Sean Cotter)

György Moldova, Hungary’s bestselling author, tells the story of Biró, the inventor of the ballpoint pen

Walking with Chejfec: Mythili G. Rao reviews The Planets at WWB

Amado captures “the simple, radiant joys of living“: Nick DiMartino discovers The Discovery of America by the Turks


On Translation

Read it slowly with newly translated eyes“: Raficq Abdulla tells how to approach Persian mystic poet Jami

Looking for a translation course in a UK university? Here’s your guide

Lemon Hound talks with translator Soren A. Gauger about Bruno Jasieński’s I Burn Paris



Announcing an intensive workshop on translation and the humanities, next summer in Illinois

Journal New Voices in Translation Studies calls for papers and Ph.D. abstracts

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