Links Round-up Sept 17–21

News & Comment

September begins the season of slow reading, with Irène Némirovsky’s The Wine of Solitude

Bilingual writers do it in two languages

File under K: Michael Stein tours an exhibit on Prague’s (other) German writers

John O’Brien of Dalkey Archive has “A Modest Proposal” for Comp Lit departments

Matt Rowe reads his way in reverse into the French writing group Oulipo and the book Many Subtle Channels

Who’s a fan of Robert Walser? Juan José Saer, that’s who!

Who is Andrzej “The Pig” Stasiuk, 20 years after his debut?



In London, Polish book fest “Pole Position” starts tonight (Sept 19th), with Ryszard Kapuściński’s biographer


New Work

Eugène Ionesco’s 1, 2, 3, 4 stories for children, newly translated and illustrated by Étienne Delessert

A Chinese Life is a tour de force of personal and national memoir, according to translator Edward Gauvin

Elena Ferrante on writing, reading, and anonymity: download free e-book Fragments from Europa Editions

The screaming helped him to calm down a bit“—Seven Days to the Funeral, from Ján Rozner’s novel, trans. Julia Sherwood

It’s not over yet! Shorts for summer from Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Croatia—in Transcript issue 40

This Israeli life? Ira Glass reads a story by Etgar Keret

“The Natural Way of Things” for Alice and Niklaus, in a new story by Peter Stamm



The Diesel of Thani Al-Suwaidi’s “shock-novel” is man, woman, engine, oil

“how hard it is to understand the landscape”: W.G. Sebald knew well, as his poetry demonstrates

How do you solve a problem like the novel? Enrique Vila-Matas gives it a shot in Dublinesque

Claudel’s The Investigation is “a pure exercise of self-perpetuating imagination,” says The Coffin Factory

‘Oh, he’ll live.’ / ‘Is that all?’ / ‘What else can you do besides that?’: the TLS on the “unclassifiable” Lispector

In which the reviewer falls completely in love (Nicholas Lezard reads Marcel Aymé)

“So tragedy is neither very far away nor very foreign“: Judith Butler reads Anne Carson’s Antigonick

Jan Steyn, translator of Edouard Levé’s Suicide, reviews the translation of Autoportrait at WWB

Lispector’s The Passion According to G.H. is almost “too foreign” to translate, says Brad Johnson

Danilo Kiš wrote “against the tyranny of traditional narrative,” says Sam Sacks in the Wall Street Journal

It’s 3:AM, and Paris is burning.

Fumi Yoshinaga’s Ōoku, translated by Akemi Wegmüller, is “historical drama with a twist

Lukas Zbinden is “a lovable sort of bumble puppy” in Christoph Simon’s Zbinden’s Progress


On Translation

Portuguese translator Margaret Jull Costa is the latest guest on the Paris/San Francisco podcast That Other Word

Eliot Weinberger, translator of Octavio Paz and Bei Dao, is the guest on Montana Ray’s latest Circumference podcast

Do men translate women because they’re “asking for it“?!

We owe it to each other to read world literature”: a talk with 2012 NEA Fellow Dan Bellm

Harry Mathews tells how a translation project led him to the love of his life



Getting started in literary translation? Translate part of Nora Bossong’s novel for the German Book Office competition!


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