Links Roundup September 3 to 8


Just before our own, here comes the Friday links roundup from WLT:

Are poetry translators the heavyweights of the translation world?

This is how John Woodsworth became a literary translator:


Review: Bonsai by Alejandro Zambra is beguilingly simple:

Translation review: Beyond Memory, Hadiya Hussein’s story of non-love and loss

Reviews of a trio of books by by Danilo Kiš, translated by John K. Cox:

A complete review of In Time’s Rift, 42 poems by Ernst Meister:

How does a freshly translated Battle of the Rabbits sound?

New Works in Translation from the Edinburgh International Book Festival:


Can Crowdsourcing Help Publishers Pick Books to Translate?

The September 2012 installment of TWO LINES Online is hot off the press!

British literary magazine Granta hopes to add more foreign editions:

Why Aren’t More Iraqi Stories Being Published?


Two Literary Translation Slams are to be held at this year’s Festivaletteratura in Italy (6-7 September 2012):

WWB’S week ahead in translation (in Singapore and Russia):

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