Links Roundup August 27-31


The best of Arabic literature in English (within the rules): a list of all 22 books entered for the 2012 Banipal Prize

Congrats to PEN Prize/Medal/Award winners Bill Johnston, Margaret Sayers Peden, and Jen Hofer–and all Grant winners!

Jorge Amado didn’t write books, he wrote a country.” Brazil celebrates Amado’s 100th

Can translating Chinese SF Three Body series solve the “Three Percent” problem?



Suddenly… an interview with Etgar Keret!

“If you think, you almost never use short sentences”: László Krasznahorkai on the origins of his career and writing style

Why study foreign languages? French translators David Bellos, Arthur Goldhammer, and Lydia Davis weigh in

Jeffrey Tayler on growing older with Luigi Pirandello, at the LA Review of Books

Jimmy Lo attempts to exhaust Place Saint-Sulpice (after Perec)

Playing croquet with a flamenco mallet: when subtitles go wrong

Irene Rozdobudko tells how she found The Lost Button (and wrote the novel with that title)



Once Upon a Deadline in Translation: last week English > Polish in Gdańsk, this week Polish > English in Southend-on-Sea


New Work

Anarchist Clément Duval’s penal colony memoir Outrage is newly translated by Michael Shreve

Nostalgia, desperation worked on me“: Ö Börukku (Nostalgia), a play by Recaredo Silebo Boturu, at WLT Online

Finally, a translation of the words of that preeminent cultural figure, the Swedish Chef

Dear Frau Doktor Ulrika Thöus … a “quasi-story” by Salvador Espriu, at Granta

from wave to wave / emptiness carries us / on its back … poetry of José-Flore Tappy, translated by John Taylor

“He should kiss her and she should wake up.” The prince runs into trouble, in Quim Monzó’s story “One Night”

Ilan Stavans asks: Who? (at the Kenyon Review Online, translated by Harry Morales)

A and B: two stories, or maybe one story, by Danilo Kiš, translated by John K. Cox

Want a chip implanted in your brain? Read a preview of Replay by Benjamin Stein, author of The Canvas

Issue 3 of Transom is all about Tomaž Šalamun

Recommended Reading: Samanta Schweblin’s “Birds in the Mouth” (Pájaros en la boca)

Who is this book for? Read “Dedications” by Luis Jorge Boon, part of World Literature Today‘s short-short feature



Victor Serge’s Memoirs of a Revolutionary, now issued unabridged, pull back from “the brink of a pessimistic conclusion

A person who has given up on the present“: Andreï Makine’s The Life of an Unknown Man, translated by Geoffrey Strachan

Only the misfortune of being true: Tablet reviews three new translations of Danilo Kiš from Dalkey Archive

The enigmatic Quincas Water-Bray, dead and alive, haunts Gregory Rabassa’s new translation of Jorge Amado’s novel

The Time of Women is spent preparing for a paradise that never arrives, in Elena Chizhova’s novel

“No one is a villain. No one is a hero. And every love is lost.” Bruno Jasieński’s I Burn Paris at Necessary Fiction

Granta editor John Freeman appreciates Open Letter’s new Latin American anthology The Future Is Not Ours

Krajewski’s The Minotaur’s Head is just the latest translated thriller covered by the Crime Segments blog

Images in words, paintings, photographs: new works by Bonnefoy and Richter from Seagull Books

Guillaume Musso’s The Girl on Paper refuses to stay there

On the beauty of superfluity in Eric Chevillard’s Prehistoric Times (tr. Alyson Waters)

A serious lack of seriousness: Rain Taxi hails Gombrowicz’s Diary

Vanity Fair reviews Mary Jo Bang’s Inferno–with footnotes

Amara Lakhous’ Divorce Islamic Style is “a little gem” from Europa Editions

Jerzy Pilch is “the perfect Polish literature love child


On Translation

Melville House editor Kelly Burdick, on finding and editing translations

Global Talk Radio interviews Anne Trager, founder of translation publisher Le French Book

Translator Edward Gauvin dissects the grotesque in Ludovic Debeurme’s Lucille and Renée

Etgar Keret says translators are like ninjas. Silent? Deadly? Necessary?

Paul Legault tells Emily Dickinson how he came to translate her work into English

Saramago’s translator Margaret Jull Costa was in SF recently–read what you missed

Wolf Haas, Brenner and God: translator Annie Janusch interviewed at Melville House

New “transdisciplinary” journal Translation–issue 1 available in print and online!

Why start a new translation press? Will Evans explains Future Tense to Publishing the World



ALTA members: Don’t forget to vote in board elections by September 21st! (members log in to vote online)

Translators: applications are open now for the next cycle of NEA Translation Fellowships!

Journal Sagar seeks translations from South Asian languages–fiction and non-fiction

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