Links Roundup, August 20 – 24


RT @TongueJournal: Friends! Here’s a full list of poets, translators, & artists in our upcoming issue

An evening with Nichita Stănescu translator Sean Cotter, and others, October 3, 7:00 pm, NYC.

Congratulations to Suzanne Jill Levine, winner of PEN USA’s 2012 Literary Award in Translation!

Irish publication “The Stinging Fly” is accepting submissions for an upcoming all-translation issue.

Cecilia Vicuña’s “Spit Temple” (Ugly Duckling Presse) looks quite intriguing…



“‘The Man Who Walked through Walls’ comprises ten stories, each a little gem in its own right.”

Kathryn Longenbach reviews Fuminori Nakamura’s “The Thief” (tr. Stephen Coates & Satoko Izumo) at Three Percent.

“A picaresque adventure in the style of Don Quixote,” The Hundred-Year-Old Man adds a little levity to life.

“[W]idespread condemnation of a book will only increase its allure.” “A Muslim Suicide” reviewed at Three Percent.


Readings & Discussions

The future of the novel (and a little on translation, too) – China Miéville expounds.

“Strange village words were gathered into strange sentences according to the strange village grammar”

“‘being awake in translation means to trace this distance, but never close the gap” Uljana Wolf in Circumference.

“The press has manioc flour / the cabana has mosquitoes / a sardine has many bones”

Martin Boyd’s touching, heartfelt testimony of his love of Spanish language & literature, translation, and Mexico.

India’s linguistic diversity continues to present curious cultural struggles.

More on the Pussy Riot revolution, let us understand precisely what they’re saying.

“How to Get Lost in Translations” – a few (kind) words on a few words on translation.

The Arablit blog continues to wow its readers, this time Sudanese poet Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi has a few things to say.

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