Links Roundup, August 6–10


A must-read for translation fans: Words Without Bordersnew blog. Event previews on Mondays, link roundups on Fridays.

Happy Birthday, Tove Jansson!–from NYRB Classics, who also announce another Jansson translation for 2013

UNO Press, recently a strong publisher of translations, has fallen to a budget axe


The beauty of the very long sentence, as written by Javier Marías and translated by Margaret Jull Costa

“Getting under the skin of the alien”: Author Karin Tidbeck on Swedish SF and writing in two languages, at Unstuck

Publishers risk rushing translations for J.K. Rowling’s new novel

Only strangers were meant to read” Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle

Aamer Hussein recalls learning Italian through the stories of Natalia Ginzburg


The Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference begins next week in Edinburgh, then travels around the world over the next year

New Work

Coming from Le French Book: Greenland, a thriller about global warming by intelligence expert Bernard Besson

A bounty of Brazilian books beckons: Lygia Fagundes Telles, Chico Buarque, Antonio Moura—and Portugal’s Eça de Queirós

The novel behind the greatest Czech film: Vladislav Vančura’s Marketa Lazarová, coming from Twisted Spoon

“Then the day arrives completely, and hearts are restored.” Six poems by Pierre Reverdy, translated by Dan Bellm

“There is no pain. Only the peal of a faint ringing and then an instantaneous pleasant sleep”: Nabokov on boxing, 1925

Read “Expectations,” a story from Peter Stamm’s new collection We’re Flying (translated by Michael Hoffmann)

Two Lines Online presents Lola Lafon and Benjamin Fondane, both translated from the French

Read the opening of Andreas Steinhofel’s The Pasta Detectives (trans. Chantal Wright)


In Necropolis, Santiago Gamboa displays “an apparently inexhaustible stream of narrative invention

Saving Poland, and himself: The New Yorker reviews Witold Gombrowicz’s complete Diary, in Lillian Vallee’s translation

His basic underlying state is fear, and his writing a compulsive flight from that fear”: The Walk, by Robert Walser

The contradictions of petromodernity” are conveyed in The Diesel, by Thani Al-Suwaidi (translated by William Hutchins)

James Wood on Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “ceaselessly compelling” memoir/novel My Struggle

One of the best novels I have read in years“: Giovanni Orelli’s Walaschek’s Dream (trans. Jamie Richards)

In Vila-Matas’ Dublinesque, “life and text are already intertwined … and it only gets more complicated

Too hot? Tour Europe’s dark side with crime novels by Armand, Tavares, and Simenon

Dive into the “romantic myopia” of Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s 1933 Lyric Novella (trans. Lucy Renner Jones)

Curl up with Daniel Arsand’s Lovers (translated by Howard Curtis)

Levé’s Autoportrait is “an interactive portrait, drawn as much by the reader as the writer”

She’s appalling, and yet…“: Pia Juul’s The Murder of Halland, translated by Martin Aitken

On Translation

More than a telephone: Russian translator Antonia Bouis

Poet and Icelandic translator Lytton Smith interviewed on the “on-going conversation between two (or more) languages”

Translating a graphic novel: Chip Rossetti talks with Arabic Literature (In English)

At the British Centre for Literary Translation summer school, they do it with the author, in groups

Circumference interviews Mary Jo Bang, on the making of an American Inferno

Pevear and Volokhonsky talk about their new translation of Turgenev’s A Month in the Country for Williamstown


Have you done your part to help send The Polish Boxer (and Eduardo Halfon) on tour?

Preparing for the Bilingual Readings at October’s ALTA conference in Rochester? Don’t forget to sign up by August 15th

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