Links Round-Up, July 23–27


Congrats to John Balcom, Ken Liu, and the other honorees of the 2012 Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards!

Esther Tusquets, Catalan/Spanish novelist and publisher, 1936-2012

Oprah recommends Swedish Drowned and German Dark Monk as summer thrillers

Iranian novelist Mahmoud Dowlatabadi interviewed–on C-Span, no less!

The Kenyon Review honors the literary achievement of Elie Wiesel

A look at the winner and runners-up for Italy’s Premio Strega

Hey, Small Press! recommends translations from Polish, French, Spanish, and Norwegian for library purchase

Helene Hegemann’s Axolotl Roadkill: now translated from the…original?…German by Katy Derbyshire (sources noted)



Could Duolingo’s crowdsourcing approach work for literary translation?

The French national Latin Prize also commemorates wartime courage and sacrifice

Between reality and myth: Augusto Roa Bastos’ Paraguay

A book about reading. And rereading. Bolaño’s 2666, three years later.

The case for free speech, according to German translator Anthea Bell

City Sister Silver author Jáchym Topol tells why he’s going green



Coming September 14th: Archipelago Books presents a Fall Celebration with four translators, at Book Court in Brooklyn

On Sept 13th, celebrate Jorge Amado’s centennial with Penguin Classics and two new translations by Gregory Rabassa


New Work

Hospital Series: three poems by Amelia Rosselli and a conversation with her translator, Diana Thow

“Nothing to be done. Have a glass of water”: one of Héctor Abad’s Recipes for Sad Women (trans. Anne McLean)

The debut novel by Alissa Walser will leave you… Mesmerized (trans. Jamie Bulloch)

Michael Emmerich introduces Part I of WWB‘s Japan issue–all of it translated by UEA summer course participants!

three barricades… five poems by Peru’s Julia Ferrer, translated by Brandon Holmquest, at Circumference

Billy Wiseass, Astronomer, welcomes us to The Attic–by Danilo Kiš, trans. John K. Cox

Not in London? Experience the Olympics through poems from every competing nation

Demosthenes Agrafiotis’ now, 1/3 and thepoem: poetry that renounces time, form, writing

The mystery in Rolf Lappert’s Islands of the Dying Light (trans. Eugene Hayworth) spans Ireland and the Philippines


A struggle between utopia and dystopia“: Marek Bieńczyk’s Transparency (trans. Ben Paloff) reviewed at the Brooklyn Rail

A “tremendous addition” to 20th-century poetry: Nichita Stănescu’s Wheel With a Single Spoke (trans. Sean Cotter)

Rain Taxi drinks deep of Andrei Gelasimov’s Thirst (tr. Marian Schwartz)

Crime Fiction Lover says new publisher Le French Book is off to a great start with Sylvie Granotier’s The Paris Lawyer

Great by association: Douglas Messerli reads Eça de Quierós’s Fradique Mendes (trans. Gregory Rabassa)

“The delightful seems to me more useful than the useful”: LA Review of Books on the great Gianni Rodari

In The Planets, Sergio Chejfec is “nearly in league” with Sebald and Marías, says Jordan Anderson at The Coffin Factory

Jean-Louis Toussaint’s “delicate maximalism”–as seen in Reticence–comes in for praise at The Lit Pub

Brooke Horvath reviews Adania Shibli’s “decidedly more insistent” second book, We Are All Equally Far from Love

Saramago’s “expositions of constraint”–his last novel, his first book of stories. William Flesch at LA Review of Books

Jacques Bonnet’s library seems a paradise indeed to James Salter

Gamboa’s Necropolis: Stories. Life. Full Stop.

Is Varamo César Aira’s “most hilarious work to date”? High praise for the master of the “flight forward”

In Vlad, Carlos Fuentes took one last bite at fiction–and drew a social critique, says Alan Cheuse

Umberto Eco’s Prague Cemetery decoded by Jaya Aninda Chatterjee

A place that disappeared: Kauffmann’s A Journey to Nowhere is a non-fiction “triumph” according to the FT

“A great writer: at once anarchist and architect“: what you’ve been looking for is Enrique Vila-Matas’ Dublinesque

László Krasznahorkai’s Satantango: if you wait for it, you’ll miss it

On Translation

Chris Andrews, translator of Bolaño and Aira, interviewed at BOMB magazine

“Humanity. Oranges. Curiosity. Surprises.”: NYC’s Publishing the World sits down with Italian translator Antony Shugaar

Starting out as a literary translator–or starting over? Lisa Carter revisits her career path

Fellow literary translators, I think what we have here is… a fanblog!

If we love it, we translate it“: Independent Publisher talks to Le French Book founder Anne Trager

Finding the way to Wandernburg: Traveler of the Century and the “impossible dialogue” of translation

What’s it like to translate a scandal? Katy Derbyshire tells all

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