Editors Carolyne Wright and Eugenia Toledo invite women poets of all nationalities, backgrounds and job descriptions to submit up to 5 poems for an anthology, Raising Lilly Ledbetter:  Women Poets Occupy the Workspace.  Send hardcopies to Carolyne Wright, 13741 15th Avenue NE, #C-7, Seattle, WA  98125.  Email or visit for full guidelines.


This anthology invites poems of women who have occupied spaces in the work force, and have contended with pay and promotion inequity, workplace harassment and intimidation, and all matters relevant to women in an increasingly globalized workplace, including the joy and satisfaction of work well done.  Such issues may include instances of women’s employment advantages over males and other non-minorities—any preferential treatment of women in hiring and promotion, for example.  How can women tell their workplace stories in poetry, and be agents of change, locally and globally, in these difficult economic times?  Poems in English and in translation from any other language are welcome.




1.  Poems may be unpublished or previously published in magazines, anthologies, or books, but contributors must have the rights and waive fees for republication.  (We will apply for grant money to pay honoraria / reprint fees, but have no guarantee of funds at this time.)


2.  Submissions up to 5 poems.  Please mail in hard copy, with your contact data in a cover letter and your name on each page of poetry.  No need to include an SASE—we will email our responses, requesting accepted poems along with bio and statement to be sent electronically.


EXCEPTION to Hard Copy Submission Requirement—if you are submitting from a country other than the U.S. or Canada, it is fine to send via email.  We want to avoid overseas postal expenses, and the risk of lost or delayed submissions. 


3.  Poems may be originally written in a language than English, but originals should be sent with their translations.


4.  Provide a 75-word bio in the cover letter, followed by a brief statement of your involvement in work on behalf of women.


5.  Submission deadline EXTENDED:  December 31, 2012.


6.  Submit work to:


Carolyne Wright

13741 15th Avenue NE, # C – 7

Seattle, WA 98125  USA

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